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Your business is only as good as the data you possess. Crawled data opens up total new business opportunities or enriches your existing services. We deliver the API!

  • High volume crawling via API

  • Daily Reports

  • Pay-per-successful-Request: Returned page is a 200, no captcha or ban page!

  • Rotating residential IPs

  • AI supported algorithms

  • Text Hover

Crawlinski provides the infrastructure you need to retrieve millions of results from any accessible website. By using residential nodes & top notch AI algorithms you don`t have to worry about getting blocked. An easy-to-use Scraping-API provides data like running water.

  • Scalable & flexible API

  • Scraping-job monitoring

  • 24/7 availability

  • Scraper-API documentation

  • Pay only for successful crawls

  • Mobile residential IPs enable stable sessions for crawling behind logins

Global IP coverage

Our scalable nodes are available 24/7 and distributed around the globe. Reach out for us for details and take advantage of thousands of endpoints - also for more restricted websites.

Execution Guarantee

No failed requests. Our AI supported scraping API takes care so that every request is executed properly.


You only pay for successful requests, only when our scraping API gives you the results you requested. No hidden fees. Transparent reporting and a free trial time to test our capabilities.


Meet exemplary customers. We serve mid-sized and international players especially within the SEO and business intelligence sector doing millions of crawls thru our scraping API. If you want to profit as well from our services – don`t hesitate to reach out.

Why do people crawl?

  • Competitor, price & ranking monitoring

  • No API available or API is just not working well (Use Cases: Online Travel Agencies, Social tools, WhatsApp or Instagram Direct Messages)

  • To manage competitive pricing in online shops or establish real time pricing

  • Simulating user journeys, i.e. for search engine rankings (CTR optimization)

  • Analytics optimisation

  • Detection of Ad fraud (needs residential IPs)

What do people crawl?

EANs / Product Data / Prices (Recommendations for crawling prices & product data)


Classified results & listings (Recommendations for crawling classified sites)


Search engine ranking page (SERP) positions (Recommendations for scraping SERPs)


News & Social media for social signals or trends (More info about scraping social sites)


Ads (Recommendations for scraping/crawling ads)

What kind of infrastructure is needed for crawling / scraping / monitoring?

Depends very much on use case & target, interestingly also time of day


Adequate IP-addresses depending on the bot detection techniques (comparison of Proxies / IP address providers)


Location & Browser handling (More about Handling of Workers, Browsers & Location)