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Sometimes the use of high-quality proxies is not enough, sophisticated bot detection takes a look at how a website is accessed & data is retrieved. To bypass bot detection, it needs often the right browser setup.

wget/python request

  • Very fast due to single http request (no loading of additional resources)

  • Low Hardware resources needed (no rendering of the page, no JS execution)

  • Low bandwidth needed

  • Easy detectable due to single request characteristics

  • No JS support

headless browser (FF/chrome/phantomJS)


  • JS support like a normal browser

  • Moderate HW resources

  • Can impersonate a real User session

  • Detectable (by fingerprinting techniques)

  • High bandwidth usage due to loading of additional resources

real browser (FF/chrome) are perfect to bypass bot detection focused browser behavior


  • JS support like a normal browser

  • Can impersonate a real User session

  • Almost not detectable

  • High bandwidth & hardware resource usage

  • Slower than other requests

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