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If developers want to scrape sites, they need certain IP-addresses. Pages without any bot detection might be accessible with datacenter IPs, but if bot detection is used, residential IPs must be used, ins come cases mobile residential IPs. We try to give you some guidelines about the use of the right IPs and their pros & cons.

Pros & Cons of Datacenter IP-addresses for crawling


  • Datacenter IPs usually come with a high bandwidth, but compared to residential IPs to a low price, often below $0,20

  • Suitable for longer sessions

  • Easy to detect, because lists of such IP-addresses are commonly shared. Just google 'List of crawlers ip address'

  • Easy to block, that's why we seldom recommend to use them

Pros & Cons of Fake ISPs / Pseudo residential IPs for crawling/scraping


  • Stable bandwidth

  • Suitable for longer sessions

  • Detectable, as many are on lists for crawler IP addresses

  • Location not reliable

  • Not cheap, often more than $2 per GB

Pros & Cons of In App / Plugin - Residential IP-addresses for crawling/scraping


  • Hard to detect

  • Not permanently blockable

  • Limited bandwidth, as they are usually shared & owners sometimes have low bandwidth

  • Low reliablity, because app-owner can end session any time

  • Not suitable for longer sessions, because of unstable bandwidth

  • Proxy services offers are often quite intransparent, so compared to value not really cheap

Pros & Cons of real tier 1 Mobile ISP IPs for crawling/scraping


  • Stable bandwidth, location data

  • Not permanently blockable

  • Suitable for longer sessions

  • Saves you a lot of problems like rotation frequency or the need for captchas

  • Pricing: These IPs are the most valuable, but value has it’s price

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