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Challenges & Recommendations crawling Reviews & Ratings sites like Amazon, Trustpilot, Yotpo, Facebook or Google local: 


  • Recommendation sites are very often Java script heavy

Challenges crawling Instagram or Facebook:


  • Java script heavy, infinite scrolling needs ...

  • Tier1 ISP IP addresses are needed from your proxy provider

  • Scraping behind logins needs user profile handling (location, browser, cookies)

  • Real user behavior needed (request balancing)

  • Crawling behind logins needs stable sessions with tier1 IP-addresses. If you use mobile IPs handling is much easier!

Recommendations for crawling Apps:


  • As apps are usually mobile mobile residential IPs are strongly recommended

  • Country of IP-address should be relevant, if the app has not many users or is country specific.

There are no real bot detection challenges crawling Twitter so far


  • We recommend a certain bandwidth of IP addresses if crawling amount is high, but even datacenter IPs should work well, if they are not overused

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