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Typical Challenges crawling prices or product data like EAN or product specs from shops or marketplaces 

  • Examples: Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, BOL, Ebay, Zalando,, Asos

  • Expect a rate limit per IP: We recommend a variety of different IP addresses your proxy provider should offer

  • Location handling is needed

Recommendations crawling Price Comparison Sites


  • Examples: Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, Idealo, PriceRunner, PriceSpy, Check24,, Verivox

  • Local or at least Central European IP addresses are required. Results differ when requests come from other countries. Check the quality of IP-addresses your proxy provider offers.

  • Captcha for EAN search needs is usually to be solved. We recommend to choose a proxy provider which offers automated captcha solving.

  • Rate limit for data center IPs has to be expected: Need of a certain bandwidth of IP-addresses!

Typical Challenges crawling data from Google Shopping & PLA


  • Rate limit per IP to be expected: Bandwidth of IPs needed.

  • Location handling is usually required to bypass bot detection.

  • Data Center IPs won’t work properly. We recommend residential IPs.

Typical Challenges crawling to retrieve information from Travel fare sites (Hotel, Flight, Rent-a-Car)


  • Examples:, Google Flights, Kayak flight comparison, Momondo, Skyscanner, OTA-sites (0podo, Bravofly) & Airline sites (Lufthansa, Easyjet, Ryanair, British Airways etc), Cartrawler, AirBnB

  • User profile handling is regularly needed

  • Data Center IPs are usually blocked completely: Bandwidth of IP-addresses needed. We suggest mobile IPs.

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