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If developers want to scrape popular sites, they very often have to use residential or rotating proxies, or other IP rotation methods to avoid having their web scrapers blocked. Choosing a proxy service provider is always a trade between price, speed or reliability. We created a list of some relevant players in the market to help developers to decide for the right proxy service. If you chose crawlinski, you do not have to care about the selection of the best proxy provider, our AI will chose automatically the most suitable IP address for your scraping use-case.



  • Market leading proxy provider

  • Availability of huge amount international IPs

  • Broad selection from Data Center IPs to Residential IPs & Mobile Residential IPs

  • Limited no. of IPs in Western & Central Europe



  • Pricing ($15 per GB for Residential IPs)

  • Availability mostly in US

  • Many medium quality ISP IP addresses

  • Limited no. of IPs in Western & Central Europe

  • Do not allow all use-cases

  • More expensive than Luminati

Micro Leaves


  • Price leader for Residential IPs

  • Availability of international IPs

  • Partly overused IPs (In-App / Plugin-IPs)

  • No mobile IPs



  • Strong footprint in Italy

  • Limited no. of IPs in other countries



  • Broad range of IPs

  • Good range of international IPs

  • Selection from datacenter IPs to residential IPs

  • Rotating proxys only change every hour

Proxies for Data Scraping & Aggregation makes competitor & market monitoring so simple as never! Forget about getting blocked from crawling data, reviews, prices & product data, remain anonymous with the smartest proxies on the market. Ramp up your business with residential IPs & precise geo-targeting. Simple and API-based.